Day 1

We all three fours were on the bus going to camp, I sat all alone the only thing I did was stare out of the window and listen to people talking as they were enjoying themselves with their friends. As we traveled I had stared at the humongous city which was beautiful.

It was a one hour drive or so all along the journey, I felt vastly nervous, to other people I looked sad, I also looked at other people who looked incredibly happy with their friends.

Eventually, when we reached camp all the three fours had a tour around the camp, I was not listening that much I only picked up the key information.

There were four loges, Port Phillip, Lady Nelson, Buckley and Swan Bay. The people in the cabin were Kye (best friend) Miles and Declan, our cabin number was number nine. We had a big view of the camp Dave was next door to us, also Henry the vacuum cleaner there were two bunk beds.

It was recessed we went on the grassy field (fake grass) we only had fifteen minutes of play.

The first activity we did was the Pizza Making. To make the dough only it needed a lot of ingredients like yeast, sugar, water, salt e.t.c., once we got the topping they said only put one pinch of chili but I put eight pinches of chili then sauce after that I had put cheese.

It was nearly lunchtime I ate my pizza very slow, I was too full to eat my lunch I was not bothered.

After that, I played.

We moved onto the next activity the sharks did Team Initiatives there was a rock climbing wall and a whale watcher.

We sat in the diner Hall and ate dinner and dessert after that we watched a movie called MU ( Monsters University).

 Night 1

I only slept for two hours and was awake for the rest of the night. I was staring out the window.

Day 2

David played music for us to be awake I was already awake, we went down for breakfast, as usual, we only had to play. The play turned out to be an argument, I had tried to stop them I could not because they both have anger issues but Ezra he knows how to control it, but Kye does not.

The first activity the sharks did was The Marine and Fresh Water Discovery Centre, we spent more time there than the other groups. We went back to the camp and we had recess and played.

After recess, we did bike riding we went to Point Lonsdale and came back for lunch and as, usual we played for the short time we had played, everyone had gone too ,the park too play a water balloon fight.

We went back and got our bags ready too leave we came downstairs to eat dinner I absolutely did not like dessert, but I got over with it and  ate it.

We all had a disco at diner.

Night 2

I did not sleep at all but before everyone slept in my cabin I asked ” do you know what is the longest word” “no” they replied, then I said this:  “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”  but they did not believe me.

Day 3

My bag was all ready to leave, so I went and ate my breakfast and we all three fours to the Rock Pools, but it was all full with water, so we went back to camp we came back by coming through a city.

It was lunch time the busses were ready to leave we left camp Camp was actually fun.

We reached school and my friend’s mum picked up and dropped me at my apartment.

THE END!!!!!

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